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  • Fun Flirty Date Ideas

    Recently, our panel of men in the Bull Pen dating advice area was asked by one of our members, "What are some fun dates that really stood out for you?" It became obvious from their answers that the dates they remembered had nothing to do with the amount of money...

  • Beauty Experts

    Feeling great about ourselves comes from within, but that doesn't mean we should neglect the outside! Our beauty experts offer advice on hair, skin, nails, make-up, fashion and more! Read our appearance blog posts and ask questions from our beauty experts.

  • The Toad Pool

    Here at Troubleshooting Men's Toad Pool, we take a look at the warning signs that you may just have landed something you might want to toss back! We will also show you the traits that create a very keepable Prince!

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Troubleshooting Men, What in the World Do They Want? is a dating advice  forum, along with relationship support, image makeover website, and television show, created with you in mind.  Our  mission is to give women dating advice based on what men are looking for and illuminating mistakes women make that drive men away.  If you’re in a relationship or married, we give you the tools to have an amazing adventure with that man of yours, filled with support, love, and laughter.  We’ll also show you how to look amazing at the same time.  We are here to pull back the curtain and show you what makes the Wizard tick!


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