• Troubleshooting Men: Now Available On Amazon!!!

  • The Toad Pool

    Here at Troubleshooting Men's Toad Pool, we take a look at the warning signs that you may just have landed something you might want to toss back! We will also show you the traits that create a very keepable Prince!

  • Fun Flirty Date Ideas

    Recently, our panel of men in the Bull Pen dating advice area was asked by one of our members, "What are some fun dates that really stood out for you?" It became obvious from their answers that the dates they remembered had nothing to do with the amount of money...



  • The Toad Pool
    Come visit our Toad Pool where you will find 10 stereotypes of men exhibiting toad-like behavior. Is your guy one of them? Is he treatable or toxic? Our psychologists weigh in on these lily pad-loving hoppers.
    Troubleshooting Men, What in the World do they want? The book that got into the minds of 2,000 men is now on sale on Amazon. If you want to know what men are really looking for in a woman, a date, relationship or marriage, this is the most comprehensive book on the market. A special section on creating confidence is included. Click this link to order your copy today!
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    Looking for advice on dating, relationships or marriage? You've come to the right place. You'll get inside information from our 2,000-men survey, our special relationship experts, and of course, our Bull Pen. What are you waiting for? Romance awaits!
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